Fold mountains case study

They were created when the African Plate collided with the eurasian Plate causing the rock in a geosyncline to be folded up into a mountain range that stretches over 4,000m. Similar geography resources: see all geography resources ». This has created a sequence of volcanoes and fold mountains, rising up to 6962m at Aconcagua. . Skiing resorts exist as well and other sports include snowboarding, iceclimbing and mountain hiking. How the Andes mountains are used. even ski lifts and cable cars can be used to move around both people and also farmers animals. The trees are always replanted to make the industry sustainable and the large number of rivers provide a good source of water for sawmills in the region. . Location and Formation, image courtesy of wikipedia, the Alps fold mountain range are located in Central Europe and cover Austria, italy, switzerland, germany and France. . mining salt, iron ore, gold, silver and copper were mined in Alps. There are also volcanoes and earthquakes along this destructive plate boundary - earthquakes caused by stresses building up as the 2 plates try to move past one another, and volcanoes caused by magma working its way up through vents in the. Page 2 monuments and temples. Farmers have adapted their practise to working in fold mountains by diversifying their techniques and using technology to move away from transhumance. . Fold mountains Case Study (The Alps) handy geography

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fold mountains case study

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The high rainfall and snowmelt in the spring provides a lot of water to power the hep plants. The south American plate is less dense so sits on top of this subduction zone, but the rocks of the south. They are able to build dams across kosten valleys and make manmade reservoirs to provide hydroelectric Power (HEP) to the area (60 of Switzerlands energy comes from hep from the Alps). . Roads, has been improved making it easier to move around the Alps and ensure people can live and work more effectively. . Re, fold mountains Case Study - ace geography

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Fold mountains Case Study, the Alps - slideShare

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This subduction zone has created an ocean.

Terraces are good as flat areas. In the winter, they move animals away from the snow-covered peaks to the valley floor in a process called transhumance. . poor soil Animals are grazed in most high areas as the soil is poor for crops. Image courtesy of wikipedia, industries use the region enjoyed mainly for logging. . Fold mountains Case Study The Alps.

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They are at a destructive plate margin. The nazca oceanic plate meets the.

fold mountains case study

Skywards movement fold mountains with of the Indian and. Plate at their one centimetre a collision zone. Human Uses: The himalayas have rich cultivable land containing grasslands, forests and rich. Andes, case Study, the Andes and its people. The Andes are a range of young fold mountains formed some 65 million years ago. How were they created?

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This, over millions of years, has smoking been pushed up into huge fold mountains : The Andes. Within them there are also volcanoes as the mountains are above. Case Study : The himalayas 1,800mile stretch.

Vineyards are also found on sunny, south facing slopes to help boost farmers income through a process called diversification (changing farming methods to suit the current/future situation). Pages in this set, page 1, case Study: The himalayas 1,800mile stretch. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. hep narrow valleys are dammed to generate hep. Human Uses: The himalayas have rich cultivable land containing grasslands, forests and rich mineral deposits. However, technology and advances in farming practise have reduced the need for this. . tourism 100million visitors every year. Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Local residents run hotels, ski schools and entertainments to support the tourism industry, which has topped 100 million visitors per year. . This subduction zone has created an ocean. forestry scots Pine is planted all over the Alps because its more resilient to the munching goats, which kill native tree saplings. These are: Farmers farm cattle and sheep on the mountains themselves and crops on the valley floors. .

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  • Fold mountains case study
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    South America, rising in the north in Colombia and finishing in Chile and. Argentina in the south.

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    They are world s longest mountain range running for over 7,000km. In both cases Fold mountains can be formed. When the nazca plate dives under the south American one, their motion forward also has been pushing sediment together.

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